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Precision production in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and in other technology industries, is essential for high quality. But air-cooling systems invariably dry the air in the room, while interior and external environmental conditions can compromise the production process. Workers become uncomfortable as well.
Reliable humidity control works in two ways: Higher humidity helps reduce static electricity buildup, and humidity control maintains consistency of materials. Optiguide's Controlled Humidity Solutions can be designed to provide accurate and reliable humidity and control at all clean levels, customized to customers' demands.
The FogRight Atomizer uses high-velocity compressed air to produce a true "dry fog" of micro-droplets. The droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the ground, adding water vapor to the air and increasing relative humidity.
The OptiSense Humidistat uses fiber-optical technology to control the atomizer and accurately and reliably maintain the humidity without wetness. Other hygrometers may also be used for specific applications.
The FogRight can be operated with clean levels of water and air according to the customer's requirements.
The system can also complement air scrubber systems.
Production and operating conditions are maintained at optimal and uniform levels at all times.
Static electricity buildup can be reduced.
Energy savings from efficient water and cooling use.
Workers are more comfortable.
Maintenance is very low: The Tabor FogRight has a large 1.5 mm nozzle, which won't clog like pinhole foggers.
No entry of mold or bacteria to the system.
Preferable to steam systems:
Heavy maintenance and frequent malfunction of steam systems is eliminated.
Major energy savings.
Modular installation and operation can be scaled up or down for all needs.
Automatic control provides required humidity whatever the outside climate conditions.
Superior levels of environmental control can be achieved by directly controlling humidity, rather than humidity supplied as a by-product of air-cooling or heating.
Automatic computer control and datalogging of the Humidistat and Atomizer.
True "Dry Fog" increases humidity without wetness.
Optiguide has installed its humidity system for printed circuit board production and storage at MELTA, a leading Israeli manufacturer as well as in numerous other clean room facilities in Israel.