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The OptiSense Humidistat is usually installed with the Optiguide Control Unit, either for stand-alone operation, or for connection of one or several installations to a central PC.
The Control Unit receives data from the Humidistat, processes the data in its microprocessor, and returns commands to the Humidistat and to the Atomizers. It displays data on a 2-line LCD and allows input of user-defined parameters. The controller also supplies data constantly to the RS 232 or 485 line for connection to a PC.
User-defined settings include 4 RH levels, time cycles for sensitivity control, and a timer override.
Data reported includes current RH level (xx.x%), and actual fogger activation time. User-defined settings, and electrical and communication malfunctions are also reported.
Multiple Control Units can be linked in series to a PC and operated as a network with our OptiSoft storage program.
Stand-alone operation of humidity system without PC connection.
Full input and output to PC.
Network connection for multiple humidity systems to a PC.
The Control Unit can be installed either inside or outside of the humidified area.
Easy to read 2 - Line LCD.
Insulated Lexan display face
Available for 220 or 110 V