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Static electricity is a constant concern to manufacturers of explosive materials, and low relative humidity increases the risk of dangerous static electricity buildup. Increasing relative humidity to 55% or more provides a necessary margin of safety.
Adding water vapor to electrically charged air releases static electricity. By maintaining humidity above 50 %, static electric charge does not build up in the air. The Tabor FogRight Atomizer supplies droplets which evaporate instantly and add water vapor to the air to increase relative humidity. Static electricity is dissipated safely.
Safety First: Reliably maintaining high humidity ensures a safer workplace. Even on the driest days, work can continue without risk.
Cost Effective: Installation and operating costs of the system are returned by saving lost work hours.
Low Maintenance: for the Tabor FogRight Atomizer, because of its large non-clogging nozzle, with no moving parts.
Optiguide has installed humidity addition systems for Israel Defense Industry over the past three years. Work has been able to continue on dry days, when otherwise the production line would have been stopped.