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The patented acceleration chamber creates an airflow pattern reaching supersonic speeds (2.4 mach). The airflow sucks in water from a Venturi column. The impact between the supersonic flow of air and the water generates shock waves, which produce the micro-droplets. The "solid con" jet of micro droplets that create by the atomizer forms a uniform "dry fog" which evaporates into the air before the droplets reach the floor.
This shock wave operation enables the Optiguide atomizer to use a significantly large orifice of 1.38 mm opening. This larger orifice prevents clogging, making the Optiguide atomizer maintenance free. Even when water quality is poor or when special crop treatment agents are used, an annual inspection and cleaning is all that is needed.
The fogger's orifice diameter 2.42 mm.
The water outlet orifice diameter 1.38 mm.
Jet diameter after 1m is about 40 cm (with no back wind).
Water is drawn by means of a Venturi principle.
Vacuum is 7-8 m.
Water consumption at atmospheric pressure is 6 liters/hour.
Standard working air pressure 6 bars.
Air consumption 55 liters/minute
The system produces micro droplets (D 90 around 20 microns). Increasing the air-pressure can reduce droplet size. The small size droplets provides full evaporation without wetting
Water pressure (bar) Air pressure (bar) D10 (micron) D32 (micron) D90 (micron)
0 6 2.72 5.16 28.65
- 0.1 7 2.13 4.19 21.4
Droplet size distribution has been measured using laser diffraction
Very small droplet size provides "dry fog".
Large orifice (1.38mm) prevents clogging.
Very low Investment and O&M cost.
The jet form created by the Optiguide nozzle is a "solid con" shape, which helps to achieve a uniform spreading of the droplets.