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In bakeries: For dough proofing, relative humidity is a critical factor for consistent results. Too low humidity reduces the volume of the dough, producing a smaller product. Too high humidity increases the density of the air, and affects the product texture. Bakers guard their own secrets to provide consistent size, color, and texture.
The Tabor FogRight Atomizer works with the OptiSense Humidistat to provide consistent relative humidity up to 98%. The dough remains as moist as the baker chooses, time after time, with no water on the surface. Only the OptiSense Humidistat can control humidity over 90% RH, where other humidity meters become saturated.
Also for baked goods, the Tabor FogRight Atomizer is ideal for precisely controlled oil or additive spray. Its large 1.5 mm orifice won't clog like pinhole sprayers.
In cold storage for meat, the Tabor Fog Right Atomizer and OptiSense Humidistat provide high humidity without condensation. The Optiguide solution keeps the moisture in the meat - and works even at sub-zero temperatures.
For smoked meats, high humidity helps disperse heat and smoke flavor evenly throughout the product. And when the smoking is over, the "dry fog" suppresses smoke without water on the floor, keeping the smoke only where and when it is needed.
Cheese producers use controlled humidity to accurately control the ripening process for brie, camembert, and blue cheeses, providing uniform humidity throughout the year. Culture producers recommend 70-80% RH for drying and 90-95% RH for ripening. Roquefort cheese requires 98% RH. Only the Tabor FogRight Atomizer and OptiSense Humidistat can provide high humidity at these levels, where other RH meters become saturated. Ideal for spray treatments as well.
Optiguide's Tabor FogRight atomizer uses supersonic compressed air to provide high-humidity "dry fog" with droplets of 2-5 microns. The large 1.5 mm orifice in the atomizer nozzle won't clog like pinhole foggers, making it ideal for oil and additive spray, as well as humidity use. The OptiSense Humidistat uses fiber-optic technology to control high humidity up to 95-98% RH - where other humidity meters get stuck.
Leading Israeli food manufactures have installed the Optiguide Controlled Humidity Solution to control their manufacturing and storage conditions.