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Fresh mushrooms contain about 90% water. Since there is no barrier between the mushroom surface and the air, mushrooms lose water and weight very quickly in humidity below 90%. Accurate humidity and temperature control is essential throughout the stages of mushroom production. Compost must be moist, but without wetness. Spawning requires high humidity - and high temperature. High humidity is especially crucial during pinning, when watering is not advised. And cropping requires lower temperature and high humidity to prevent weight loss.
The Optiguide FogRight Atomizer controlled by the OptiSense Humidistat provides optimal controlled high humidity throughout the mushroom growing cycle.
The FogRight Atomizer uses high-velocity compressed air to produce a true "dry fog" of micro-droplets. The droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the ground, adding water vapor to the air and increasing relative humidity. The mushrooms "breathe" the humidity without wetness, and the floor stays dry.
The OptiSense Humidistat uses fiber-optic technology to reliably control humidity up to 98% RH. It does not become saturated like other RH meters at high humidity.
The tough PVC pipes and sensor components are not affected by pasteurization temperatures in mushroom houses.
Controlled humidity for best crop yields.
Minimal weight loss to evaporation.
Full computer and timer control capability.
Easy annual maintenance: The Tabor FogRight's large 1.5 mm fogger nozzle won't clog like pinhole foggers, and there are no moving parts.
Simple modular installation: You can add more rooms as you grow and gain experience with the system.
Low water consumption.
Optiguide has installed our Controlled Humidity Solution at Israel's leading mushroom producers.