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Optiguide is developing the RightSense relative humidity and temperature meter to provide high accuracy, full range 10-100% RH and T measurement in harsh conditions and extreme humidity, where existing technology does not provide a solution.
Optiguide's patent-pending self-cleaning features and its chilled mirror reliability will make it a market-leading instrument for industrial, scientific, and agro-business use. Operating units will be available in 2001.
The Optiguide RightSense RH and T meter will utilize the advantages of the dew-point optical mirror system and make them available, without maintenance, even under harshest conditions in the field:
- The RightSense uses two unique self-cleaning mechanisms to solve the problem of condensation residues and dirt on the temperature controlled mirror. A special cassette-mounted recording strip runs through a channel in the mirror, and functions as the sensor's condensation surface. Every 24 hours the strip moves ahead to provide a new, clean condensation surface. The cassette can be easily replaced once in several years. Secondly, a special polymer coating acts on the mirror to deflect dust and other contaminants.
- Exceptionally accurate temperature measurements will be achieved by use of one differential thermo-coupler to measure the temperature differential between the mirror and the ambient air. Current dew point meters use two individual thermometers. Since small inaccuracies in temperature differential create large inaccuracies in RH calculations, particularly at low temperatures and at high humidity levels, the differential thermo-coupler will greatly improve accuracy.
- A special dynamic gas filter protects the optical elements of the sensor.
- The RightSense can be combined with a radiometer, anemometer wind gauge, ammonia meter or other devices to provide a full environmental monitoring station in tough industrial or agricultural situations.
- The RightSense removes the "Achilles Heel" of dew-point RH meters, allowing full 10-100 % RH measurement in harsh conditions of dust, dirt, fibers, aggressive gases, organic materials, solar radiation, and where regular maintenance is difficult.
The RightSense RH and T Meter will replace existing low-accuracy or high-maintenance RH meters in many applications. It will also allow accurate RH measurement at high RH levels over 90%, in cold stores, wineries, and other applications where in the past operators have had to settle for lower RH because of inadequate measuring systems.