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Accurate humidity control is the key to maintaining quality fresh produce in cold storage, efficient processing in the food industry, and accurate manufacturing in many industries. Low humidity drains freshness and weight from the produce and dries out materials; poor humidity control allows condensation, causing damage to stored produce.
The OptiSense Humidistat is the only accurate humidistat that allows humidity control in the 89-100% RH range - the optimum for fresh produce and for certain food processing stages. Other systems provide accurate readings only up to 90% RH - and then become saturated with water.
The OptiSense Humidistat replaces electronic capacitor meters which often require re-calibration and maintenance. It surpasses timer systems which cannot sense actual relative humidity or condensation. It allows full computer control and data logging every 4 minutes.
The OptiSense Humidistat comprises a light source, light receptor, mirror, and cooling device. The cooling device allows the mirror to become colder than the ambient temperature in the cold storage room, and can be set to allow condensation on the mirror at any given relative humidity between 90-100%. The light receptor measures the intensity of the light return from the mirror, and as condensation on the mirror affects the light return, the OptiSense Humidistat sends a shut-off signal to the humidity atomizer in the room. The OptiSense Humidistat then heats the mirror to dry the condensation, and also self-tests and self-calibrates.
The OptiSense Humidistat gives full data output to its own Control Unit, to an on-site controller, or to a PC. Its RH and time cycle settings can be set or reset remotely from the Control Unit or PC.
The only RH controller accurate and reliable to 98% RH. Other RH meters use capacitors and a filter which become saturated over 90% RH. The OptiSense fiber-optic technology cannot become saturated.
Full control from remote Control Unit. With link to a PC, the OptiSense can even communicate on-line to another PC anywhere in the world.
Self-calibrating - every hour the OptiSense rechecks its no-condensation baseline, for continuous calibration.
Self cleaning each time the mirror heats.
Requires only an easy maintenance check once a season.
Electrical Input: 12 V DC.
Sensor Output for Operations: 4-20 mA
Three discreet positions are used:
000000 8 mA - proper function, green LED lit on dry contact
00000012 mA - "on" activation signal to fogger, yellow LED lit on dry contact unit.
00000016 mA - malfunction, red LED lit on dry contact unit.
Dry Contact Output: 1 A
Communication Output: RS 232/485 communication data
Temperature operating range: - 2 to +50 C
Relative Humidity Range: The Humidistat senses four discreet ranges between 86% RH to 98% RH. Lower ranges are available by special order.
The Humidistat senses four discreet ranges between 86% RH to 98% RH.
95 - 98 % RH
92 - 95 % RH
89 - 92% RH
86 - 89% RH
Within each range, the OptiSense detects RH% and determines the needed activation time of the humidity addition system. It reports RH as ##.#% and its activation command in seconds.
If the actual RH% is outside the range setting , the OptiSense reports "above range" or "below range."