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Many OptiSense Humidistat and Tabor FogRight users will want full historical data logging and centralized control over their humidity systems. Commodity owners will appreciate the full humidity history of their products.
The OptiSoft storage program allows full remote control, data reporting, and data logging of Optiguide humidity systems, on a PC. Multiple Control Units in a network can easily be controlled and logged.
And now with OptiSoft software you can check the humidity online from any remote location. You can even have Optiguide check your systems operation from our offices anywhere in the world!
The user-friendly program operates in Windows 95 or above. It connects via a PC 25 or 9-pin port to a 485 data line to the Control Unit.
RH settings and timing cycles for the OptiSense Humidistat and Tabor FogRight Atomizers are selected by the user and transmitted through the software to the Control Unit. Full RH and Atomizer activation time is reported back to the program and logged every 4 minutes - for over two years on most PCs.
The operator can display historical data as a chart or a graph.
Up to 199 humidistats can be connected in line and easily controlled individually with the storage program.
And with remote PC software and a modem, you can connect and read the date from any computer in the world online.
Data logging for facility operators and commodity owners.
Control of multiple areas from a single location.
Easy user-friendly interface.
Allows data link and control from any remote location.