Textile manufacture often requires high humidity to maintain the flexibility and quality of the threads, and improve process efficiency.
High humidity also suppresses dust and fibers in the air of the work area.
The FogRight Atomizer can be installed to add humidity to conditioning rooms before processing, in specific plant sections, directly over the work area or in the building's air conditioning ducts.
The Fog Right Atomizer uses supersonic compressed air to create micro droplets of water as a true "dry fog." The droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the ground. Fog nozzles can be installed directly over a work area, in an air treatment unit in front of the air conditioner coils or at the outlet of the a/c ducts. The FogRight Atomizer can be controlled by a timer or an RH meter for automatic operation.
Custom solutions are available for all industrial and commercial systems.
Thread and fibers remain flexible and easily worked, for higher efficiency.
Humidity reduces static electricity in the air to prevent clinging materials.
Dust and fiber in the air are reduced as water droplets increase their weight and bring them to the floor.
Low maintenance because of the FogRight’s large 1.5mm orifice. It won't clog like pinhole nozzles.
Optiguide has installed "dry fog" humidity systems for Israel's leading textile manufactures: Tefron, Polgat, Gibor, and others.