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When ambient temperature increases air density decreases and reduces inlet air mass flow. As a result the GT output decreases. 1C rise in ambient temperature decreases the GT output by about 0.7%.
The cheapest and most effective way to recover the GT output loss is Fog - cooling of GT inlet. GT power output can be increased by more than 10% by inlet air-cooling. Fog - cooling system increases power by adding the exact amount of water to achieve maximum humidity for evaporative cooling. The amount of water is a function of cooling potential per given ambient conditions in site and type of GT.
The system consists of an array of fog nozzle manifolds controlled by a PLC controller according to ambient conditions and to the wetness sensors readings. This is a low-pressure fog system based on our patented air-assisted nozzle. The required inputs are water at gravitation and air at 6-7 bars. The compressed air required for the operation of the system can be supplied from self-cleaning air filter system of the gas turbine. The system produces micro droplets (D 90 around 20 microns), droplet size can be reduced by increased air-pressure. Small droplet size provides full evaporation without wetting.
Patented Low-pressure air assisted nozzle
Water is drawn by means of a venturi principle
Very small droplet size provides "dry fog"
Large orifice (1.38mm) prevents clogging
Very low maintenance
Increased air pressure reduces droplet size
Patented capacitive sensor.
Direct measurement and control of state of wetness at inlet duct.
PLC reads the wetness sensor data and adjusts fog stages accordingly.
Prevents possible Damage to the compressor blades
Optiguide patented air-assisted nozzle produces very small droplets. The nozzle large orifice of 1.38 mm in diameter prevents clogging. The working air-pressure is 6 bars only.
Optiguide patented Wetness Sensor provides extra safety device to the system. The possibility of compressor blades damage by large water droplets is prevented by on-line wetness control at the compressor inlet. (Closed loop control).
No skids or modification of the inlet are required. Installation and maintenance are very simple.
Low investment and O&M costs. Payback period is less than 1 year.
Field tested by Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).
ABB Tornado GT - The GT was operated at "Haifa chemicals" and belongs to "Delek", an Israeli oil company.
GE PG 6541B - The GT belong to the IEC (Israeli electric corporation) and located in Eylat in the south of Israel. This installation started at as a cooperated feasibility test for our system. After the test the IEC decide to buy the system.